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EV9 to EV11 Migration

Level 4

Currently running EV 9.0.4.

EV running on Windows Server 2K8 R2

DA running on Windows Server 2K8  - SQL Server 2005 SP3 32b

Database running on Windows Server 2K8 32b - SQL Server 2005 SP3 32b

My thought for the initial phases of the upgrade is to upgrade the EV and DA servers to 10.0.4, then move the databases to Windows Server 2K12 R2 - SQL Server 2012.

Once that is stable, I would next upgrade the OS on the existing EV and DA servers and move forward with the upgrade to EV and DA 11.x

Is this a generally accepted approach?


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Hello Dan,

This should be possible. I have seen an entry somewhere in this forum of someone who also upgraded the OS, so should be possible. It is good (as you indicate) to do the steps a few days after one and other. If an issue arises, you know where to look.

Regards. Gertjan

Level 3

Just in case - It's worth remembering that the outlook add-in's are only compatible 1 version up or down.. so if your running outlook add-in 9 then it will work with EV server 10 but not EV server 11.

So you may wish to upgrade your clients to 10 which will then be compatible with EV server 10 & 11.

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I agree with Rycoombs, but this is the official support statement.

I've been in environments where the EV9 client happily worked with EV11.0.1 CHF5. Usually, upgrading the clients requires a lengthy period of time due to the way of distributing the client. It is well worth to upgrade the client, but that can be after the server upgrade finished.

Regards. Gertjan

GertjanA - would this be a supported configuration? e.g. if you encounter any issues would Symantec still be prepared to support? My view is most likely not as they're quite clear it's one up and one down client compatibility..

Would be interested to hear your thoughts as this put the brakes on our project.