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EVDominoExporter parallelization

Hello everybody!

Someone knows how can I have multiples instances of EVDominoExporter running in parallel? I've a lot of data to export and will take so long to finish :(

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Re: EVDominoExporter parallelization

Hello Rodney,

I have no experience with that tool, but I believe you need to run this in a CMD right? If so, can you not just start multiple CMD's?

Be advised that in EV12.3 (maybe earlier), there is an EV powershell command to export archives, see Powershell.pdf. that might suit you better.

Regards. Gertjan

Re: EVDominoExporter parallelization

Hello Gertjan.

Tks for your quick answer, but there is no way to open multiples CMDs to run the DominoExporter in the same server and I have a huge amount of data to export em 2 months. :( 

My client has EV v.11. It's a BIG limitation from Veritas... Usually, when you use the export tool, the amount of data is huge.

Re: EVDominoExporter parallelization

For additional information... As described on Veritas documentation, the Export cmdlet is only for PST, am I right?


"Export-EVNARAArchive [-ArchiveId] <String> [-OutputDirectory] <String> [[-StartDate] <DateTime>] [[-EndDate] <DateTime>] [[-SearchString] [<String>]] [[-IncludePreviouslyExported] [<SwitchParameter>]] [[-Format] [<ExportFormat>]] [[-MaxThreads] [<Integer>]] [-MaxPSTSizeMB <Integer>] [-Confirm:<Boolean>] [<CommonParameters>]"

Re: EVDominoExporter parallelization

I believe the command is Export-EVArchive, but indeed, it will export to PST only. I don't know if that helps you...

You could consider using a 3rd party tool. Transvault or Quadrotech might be able to assist.

Irregardless of that, 2 months is really short. Keep in mind that the archives probably were filled in years. It is not logical to expect them to be exported in a short timeframe. Especially if you have large archives.

Regards. Gertjan