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EVSVR Verify

Can anyone provide advice on the frequency and date range one might run the EVSVR verify utility in an environment where the vault(s) are on Centera.

If it is run should it be run to check only the mail archived since the last time it is run or should it be run across the whole set of Centera Virtual Pools and vault store databases on a regular basis?

How frequently should very thorough checks be done compared to "quick checks" such as ObjectContainerExisits?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Highlighted Please refer the EVSVR Guide look for the following How to choose a suitable Verify operation

I have read this it does not

I have read this it does not answer my question about frequencies and date range.
Should I run one or more of these options weekly, monthly, or some other interval
Should I run them only on the period since the last time i ran them? etc

Should I only run them when I think there is a problem as a result of some other event like a help desk call from a user or some entry in some error log?