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Hello  -

So I referenced many articles on the site, but never posted. Thanks for all the good posts and top contributors and especially "Jesus Wept" for a lot of good responses.


So I help maintain a pretty large Enterprise Vault environment consistent of 4 clusters for one site. There are multiple VSG's with multiple VS's and multiple partitions within. Around 40TB of Savesets behind the systems within the site. Over the years when folks did not listen they enabled things like on access scan and various other virus scanning utilities and deleted and or corrupted CAB files.


We do have pretty decent backups going back a couple years and I would like to recover if possible some or all hopefully the cab files that were deleted. Can someone tell me how to use EVSVR Verify to only identify missing cabs and not all the SIS information among other information that comes with complete? If files are not recoverable from backup media at what point should I consider running a repair and take the chance of data loss? Unfortunately the folks that have ran the system over the past couple years did not do much maintenance and/or adequately do proper health checks after it was implemented I was part of the original Engineering team that has been helping clean up the mess.


BTW, the system has never had a EVSVR repair ran. With that said the system was an EV 8.0 deployment that was migrated to a 9.0 upgraded to a 10 and now 11.

Thanks for the help!



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EVSVR is a beast but it's good that you've upgraded to 11 because a lot of good features were introduced over time, one of them which is checkpointing.

considering the complexity of your environment, i'd open a support ticket and have them work with you to run EVSVR and help make those decisions with the parameters you mentioned.

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Hi Joe,

Did you get somewhere in working with support on this?

could you share what was advised to use in the EVSVR config-file to check what you were asking?




Regards. Gertjan