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EVault content is not properly syncronizing with Outlook 2013 client

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Hello EV gurus,

Got a new laptop with Outlook 2013 and EV installed (running win7 x64 with all the latest patches) and can't force EV plugin (ver to sync old items.  The EV UI is showing synchronization successful and the Outlook folder propery UI has "do not archive this folder" set on Inbox with other sub-folders set to inherit this option.  The above should, in theory, download everything yet it does not.  The corporate online access to EV does show the items, but it would be way more convenient to have them locally.  It still works fine with my old laptop running earlier version of Outlook though, so I assume this should be possible.

Please, help.  Thank you.



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a good place to start would be a full client trace while recreating the issue