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Email Archive Solution

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I am looking for solution to archive emails for 1000 users running on Hyper-V with 2 clustered mailboxes and 2 clustered clients/hub roles with EMC being backup solution.MS frontend antispam and MS frontend endpoint protection also in place.

The pst's are placed locally as well as on the network with 2 mailbox db's with each 100 gb of size.

The solution should support archive, complience and ediscovery and also support the handheld devices such as PDA's, ipad,etc.

If possible the solution should not require any component to be installed on exchange server or affect any exisiting network and support Outlook XP/2003/2007/2010.

Exchange servers are 2003/2007/2010 in standalone and also in clustered environment. 

This also need to support PST migration and meet the compliance and retention polices.Last but not least should also support search &ediscovery.

Many Thanks


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I'm not sure what your question is...


If you're asking, can EV do this...

The answer is yes, though it doesn't at the moment have a brilliant experience for mobile devices.

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I'm not sure what your question is...


If you're asking, can EV do this...

The answer is yes, though it doesn't at the moment have a brilliant experience for mobile devices.

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It would seem you are already a Symantec Partner based on your profile.  I am not sure what region your located it but is this for your company or for a customer of yours?

As Rob said, EV can do what you are looking for.  You should be able to find a bit of information on PartnerNet.

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From an archiving, PST migration, compliance and eDiscovery perspective the current EV version ably meets all these requirements easily.  The next version (EV11) currently in beta testing add in the ease of access to archived items for mobile devices.  If the mobile access is absdolutely critical right now then EV.Cloud is a good alternative.

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Enterprise Vault covers all these requirements and more. Also, with Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator yoiu can do search & E-Discovery. The Enterprise Vault introduction and planning guide provides an overview of Enterprise Vault:

Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 - Introduction and Planning Guide

I hope this helps.

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Yes EV can fulfill all your requirements.

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As most of given answers; Archiving, PST migration, compliance, discovery, retention can be configured as you are expecting but we  need to installed EV component for following feature.

If end user wants to use archiving functionality such archive, restore, search, delete from OL client then EV outlook add-in needs to installed on workstation.

If end user wants to use archiving functionality from OWA (Outlook web access) then add-in needs to installed exchange side ( add-in on Front End/Back End for exchange 2003 &  CAS for exch 2007/2010), We don’t need to install any component for exchange 2013 version as it works on mail-app feature.

Most update to date support information can be found in compatibility guide,

For mobile access, EV & partners provided solution listed in link

As WitSend mentioned that EV11 currently in beta testing which would have feature ‘Mail connect’ for easy access of archived item via mobile device by using IMAP, refer

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Microsoft Exchange
Server 2010

Symantec Enterprise
Vault 9.0

Archiving Targets

Exchange Server

Exchange Server

Lotus Domino

Sharepoint Server

File Servers


SP1 to store primary and secondary mailboxes in separate databases

Support for E2K10 from SP1 onwards

OWA or Outlook 2010/2007 to access the archives

Outlook 2003/2007/2010


Additional client software required


Seamless integration, both client and server-side; pst-like

Training required for both the Administrator and the end-user

Mailbox search and conversation view work across both mailboxes

Additional technology


“Stubs”, Archive Explorer look “different” to the end-user

Virtual Vault looks just like a pst and mailbox search work across mailbox and Virtual Vault


Offline Archive Support


Offline Vault


Exchange databases



Special options like WORM, lots of choice

PST Migration

Gathering of PST is manual. Need to be imported using Outlook or Powershell

PST files can be added both from local computers and NFS with limited user interaction using collector tools

Legal Position




Easy (?)

Hard (?)



In place upgrades not supported, need to do swing migrations

Cannot skip major versions. Full reinstall even for SP’s


Need to pay attention to compatibility both for client and server-side software


Enterprise CAL’s (Client Access Licenses) required

Additional software to license

Possibly additional server licenses

Additional hardware, can be virtualized with less than 1000 users, or low mailflow.



Separate SQL server in large deployments




Low end alternative for pst-files for the first time ever

If you want to archive…

… for seamless PST import

… for legal reasons

… multiple targets

… to specific storage solutions





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Refer :


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