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Enabling Vault Cache and VIrtual Vault and successfully synchronising.

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Dear Experts,


I have a read theough a number of existing posts,

I've tried following the 'Troubleshooting Vault Cache Synchronisation for vesions 10 and 11, but I'm still getting something wrong.


I've added registry settings including "PSTDIsableGrowAllowAuthenticodeOverrides", in a bid to get the synchronisatoin to run and complete, but no joy.

Synchronisation bombs out after a few seconds with 'No Vaults Available. Contact your Helpdesk' and 'Connected to the Enterprise Vault Server'.


This has yet to work for me, though a few other user clients appear to have succeeded.


Please see attached log and advise me where I've gone wrong ?


thanks in advance,

a numpty.




Accepted Solutions

Level 5

Ladies and Gents, thanks for all of your kind and patient guidance.

Thanks to the call logged with support....

In the end, the fix had less to do with registry settings than one would have imagined.

To recap: EV addin Version is on Windows 7 O/S running on a laptop in a different domain to the EV server.


PSTDIsableGrow set to 0,

HidePSTDisableGrow set to 1,

PSTDIsableGrowAllowAuthenticodeOverrides not required.

ForceFormReload set to 1

DIsablePST not needed with Outlook 2007.

I expect that all would agree with the above.

The bit I missed and couldn't find a docuiment to wake me up to the solution is this:

I have the VAC installed and available on the same laptop. I needed to change the User Authentication in my ie Browser from 'Automatic Logon with current user name and password' to 'Prompt for user name and password'.

Thnks to Chris' guidance everything else was near enough correct. It was the user logon that was getting in the way! I don't use my own logon to give me access to the VAC, I use a different ID with higher Admin rights for EV!

Lesson learned the painful way :)

Consider this solved and closed !




View solution in original post


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What happens when you try to open http://yourEVserver/EnterpriseVault/ArchiveExplorerUI.asp? do you see your archive?

Level 5

Sadly, no.


I should comment that I had both my laptop and desktop machines replaced and was obliged to take on some tighter network restrictions.

With http://myserver/EnterpriseVault/ArchiveExplorer.aspx ,

I can get as far as a prompt for my domain-username/password, but entering those gets me to a 404 page.

Oddly, if I enter http://myserver/Enterprisevault/listarchives.aspx, that works fine and lists all of the archives I have access rights for.

Level 6

ArchiveExplorer.aspx will throw a 404, can you try archiveexplorerui.asp?

Are you logged on with the archive enabled ID?

Why do you get prompted, in IE Internet Options, Advanced, under Security can you see if "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" if checked? if not can you check it and try the archiveExplorerui again

Level 5

Thanks for that.


I tried http://myserver/Enterprisevault/archiveexplorerui.aspx with and without "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" checked and got to the same place. I would be prompted for my logon credentials as before. I entered the credentials and always arrived at a 404 page. Sorry.


However when I tried http://myevserver/EnterpriseVault/archiveexplorerui.asp?server=myexchangeserver&mbx=SMTP:Myname@mydo... ,

that worked fine. There is probably something blindingly obvious that I've not got right :(

Level 6

Progress at least :)

Do you see all of the archives you expect?

Maybe it's not "your" archive. Have you tried zapping your archive permissions and re-synchronising them?


Level 5

I've never tried zapping anything so far. Please Can you point me at a 'how to' that describes the zapping process in really easy, noddy steps, with examples ?

I did attempt to remove a couple of ids that have access to my archive, but this was refused as the accounts I tried to remove have 'automatically assigned permissions'.

Level 6

no problem, try either of the below, bit scary but it's really easy


Level 5

I spent a fair bit of time trying to get EVPM to work for me. I got close but not close enough.

I created an ini file and after following the hints in the articles above, made several attempts to zap my own archive. This, remember is so that I can get vault cache synchroinisation working - if anyone has got a better suggestion for a fix, I'm 'all ears' !

As regards EVPM, I created an ini file and saved it in unicode format. The content is similar to the following:

DirectoryComputerName = OUREVServer
Sitename = OurSite

DistinguishedName = /o=OurDomainr/ou=Exchange zzzzzzz Group  (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=fe5cddd-22dc42b3-80257117-2eb8da

Name = Mailboxroot
Zap = True


The last result I achieved is shown in the attachment.


I made several attempts to overcome the [0x8004011D] error. In the end cowardice got the better of me, as the solutions I tried were heading towards the risky end and I didn't want to end up creating worse trouble!


All help appreciated.

Level 6

How about just ZAP the archive permissions and re-sync, I use the below command and file:

EVPM.EXE -e ExchangeServerName -m SMTP:SystemMailbox -f PathToFile

SystemMailbox, copy it from the Archiving Task, Settings tab


ArchiveName=Archive Name

This should clear the permissions, quick re-sync including Folder Hierachy and Permissions will put them back.

You could just Disable/Enable your mailbox and see if that helps?

Level 5

Well that's curious !

Yesterday, I tried the last option you suggested: disable and re-enable my mailbox.

No immediate improvement  - the synchornisation panel still produced the same errors.


Today, finally got a chance to try again. As before synchronisation panel as viewd from my outlook 2007 client still says 'No vaults available' Contact your helpdesk.

For forms sake I checked the ClientDiagnostics.aspx link, not expecting to see anything, buit to my bemusement, it showed for my client: Status 'Healthy', Header Sync State 'Not yet synchronising' Content Cach Sync State: 'Complete'.

I tried on another machine, same synchronisation process against my mailbox, the difference being that this second machine is in a resource domain I received Status 'Healthy', Header Sync State: Not yet synchronising, and Content Cache Sync State 'Not yet downloading'.

This is I guess progress of a sort, now reading up on how to improve on those 'not yet.... ' messages!

Thanks for your help support and guidance. I'll update again, when further progress is achieved!.

See attachment :)


Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

So, a few things I noticed:

Vault Cache calls a number of aspx pages, beginning with ListArchives.aspx. This is the first step for Vault Cache to call to EV to determine what Archives the user has access to.  Once this is known, it moves to call Slot.aspx, to get in line to begin updating the Metadata Cache (MDC).

In the original Client Trace provided, it reached ListArchives.aspx which returned an xml of each archive the user has access to. This appeared to return a very large number of archives. And in the 17 min duration of the log, it did not move to Slot.aspx.

This is telling me that it appears communication to the EV server is fine and since it detected DisablePST being set, then "PSTDIsableGrowAllowAuthenticodeOverrides" is a requirement.

I have seen situations where Vault Cache has difficulties when a user has access to a large number of archives, since it has to parse through each of these to build an MDC for each archive.

As for your screenshot, it seems to relate to the fact that it has not gotten past ListArchives in order to being the actual updates.

I would suggest, as a test, to limit the number of archives this user has access to to say 5 or so, then perform a Full Reset of Vault cache on the workstation. Keep the logging level to Full (Do not have Virtual Vault logging checked) and let it go for at least an hour so we could get some further info on what's happening.

The following SQL Query may also help to get some additional info on this:

*For the WHERE clause at the bottom, you would use the following:

WHERE AV.ArchiveName = '<ThePrimaryArchiveNameofUser>'

I hope this helps!


Level 5

Hi Chris,

I did wonder about the vast number of archives I have access rights for. Unfortunately that's going to be difficult to reduce.


Level 5

Are there any other changes I could make to mitigate this on my client?

I would be surprised if I am the only admin with permissions to a large number of mailboxes, beyond my own mailbox.


Grateful for and appreciate the help and advice offered.



Level 5

Hi Chris,

latest log and sql results attached.


Hope they're helpful.

Level 5

Dear Experts,


I think Chris may well have reached a similar conclusion: fundamentally, I think the problem is that I am obliged to have access rights to too many archives for the EV Add-In to cope with as it stands.

One issue that has occured is that my MDC file become corrupt. I suspect that there is somewhere, a fixed limit or several fixed limits that are exceeded when the EV Add-IIn attempts to scan and collate the data it needs, to populate myVault Cache.

Please can anyone advise where I could modify those restrictions until the Vault cache can be successfully populated ?

Forgive me if I have misunderstood the reason(s) why my vault cache does not populate successfully and please do offer enlightenment!


Appreciate your help and patience.

Level 5

...... reset the vault cache again and restarted outlook 2007 client several times until it finally displayed the EV Add-IN buttons....

Checked through the Log and this time  found the following legend:

 PSTIMPORTENABLED = 0 [Desktop Setting]
16/12/2014 11:40:44.580[6140][L]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::GetConfigValue: 0x0
16/12/2014 11:40:50.142[ 532][H]: Cannot mark any PSTs in the profile as a connection to the Exchange server is required
16/12/2014 11:40:50.142[ 532][L]: ~MarkPSTs
16/12/2014 11:40:50.143[ 532][L]: ~BackgroundInitProc: 0x0


I'll try creating a different user profile for myself and see if that gets any further...



Level 5

WIth a different profile in Outlook 2007 for my mail account, client reset and outlook restarted, now achieve the following:

HDR:SCHED: MDC Archive map update cannot be skipped as: No archives are cached.
16/12/2014 12:56:24.460[7612][L]: HDR:SCHED: ~MetaDataCacheScheduler::CanMDCArchiveMapUpdateBeSkipped

Can't help thinking that I'm circling the issue, but not zeroing in on the true problem !

Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

So the results from the SQL info match up with what you are seeing.  Since it still hasn't passed the ListArchives.aspx stage, it appears to be still parsing through the archives available.

To adjust what archives to synch, you can try to deselect all but the primary archive of the user.  In Outlook 2007, go to Tools - Enterprise Vault - Vault Cache properties.

Under Vault Cache properties - Virtual Vault Tab, you can review all of the archives accessible and choose to deselect any of them here.

Also, you could try changing the Desktop Policy in EV.

a. In the Vault Admin Console browse to - Policies - Exchange - Desktop - PolicyName Properties.

b. Select the Advanced Tab and select Vault Cache from the drop down.

c. Locate the advanced policy setting "Synchronize archive types" and try setting this to Default mailbox.

Note: If you only have one desktop policy, you may want to duplicate this and change this setting on the secondary and then set your archive to use the new desktop policy so that this change does not propegate across all of the archived users.

On a side, in the latest client trace, I saw that DisablePST was set. This can cause issues simply creating Vault Cache since Outlook uses the Vault Cache as PSTs. This key stops complete usage of PSTs.

If you want to stop the use of PSTs on workstations BUT still want to leverage Vault Cache/Virtual Vault, you have to utilize the Microsoft registry key PSTDisableGrow instead and then the PSTDisableGrowAllowAuthenticodeOverrides key. The DisablePST key stops both creation and growth of PSTs while PSTDisableGrow will allow creation of PSTs but will not allow data to be added to them.  EV leverages the PSTDisableGrowAllowAuthenticodeOverrides to override the growth of PSTs for Vault Cache data only.

I hope this helps.


Level 5

Hi Chris,

thanks for additional information.

However, on my desktop client, the virtual vault tab doesn't list any archives at all.

I have already set the PSTDisableGrow and PSTDisableGrowAllowAuthenticodeOverrides keysin registry, both to '1'.

However I hadn't added or set 'DisablePST', so went looking for it.

I found that DisablePST had already been set, higher up the tree in Registry, but the value assigned is "2".

I've found references to setting DisablePST to "1", but not to"2" !!

Will research this further but if you've any thoughts, would be pleased to know them.