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End Users Changing Retention

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We are looking at getting our mail footprint (Mailbox and EV) down to two years retention across the board – But with the ability allowing the End users a solution to overwrite the retention for specific emails before the 2 year window is reached (e.g. set some a folder in outlook to keep for 4 year and a email to keep forever).We are currently running Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 – We have a single Retention category set for users archive set to X Years and we currently have Storage expiry tasks disabled so nothing is being cleared down.


1) If we upgrade to 12.2 this will enable the feature that allows end users to change the retention of an email that is already archived, and is this only available within the EV Search and not through Outlook Plugin

2) Does any Enterprise Vault version support Exchange Retention policy’s – e.g. if you have shortcut that is removed from Exchange Mailbox via Exchange retention policy and shortcut deletion is set to “delete Both” will the items be removed from Archive - As in older versions i know that in order for the Arhcive item to be deleted the request needs to come from the Delete key press.


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1) you can not decrease the retentiontime of archived items, this would contradict the way an archive works.

You can however increase it.

2) You can normally set the storage expiry to delete items that got expired, if this is what you want. This will take care of shortcuts removed by policy.

You can set manual deletion of items like you said.