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Enerprise Vault: No action taken mailbox disabled

Hi All,


I have critical problem, I have 1390 targeted mailboxes , but each time I run archive task only 316 mailboes are proccesed and remaining 1074 were taken no action. In report I found mailboxes disableted But in actual all mailboxes are enabled 

Could someone will guide me how may I start workaround on this?

Thanks in advance 



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Hello, Which EV version? In


Which EV version?

In general, this message indicates the mailboxes are not enabled for archiving.

To check:

In the EV COnsole, click on the sitename.

In the right pane, select Mailbox Management

Select Enable Mailbox

Select an Exchange server

Select all available mailboxes

if this returns a list of mailboxes, the message is correct. Select all mailboxes, select enable.

To verify the way you set up EV, check your provisioning groups. On each group, tab Archiving Defaults. Verify a tick is set in 'automatically enable mailboxes'.

If the above is set, and the above that does not return any mailboxes, you might need to call support, as there is something amiss. If you do not see the mailboxes you expect to see, they might be indeed disabled in AD/Exchange, or even hidden from addressbook.


Regards. Gertjan

if the standard

if the standard troubleshooting steps from gertjan dont help there's something else you can try before calling support and that would be to zap one of the mailboxes and then see if you can re-enable it.

How to remove (zap) Enterprise Vault (EV) properties from Archive-Enabled Exchange mailboxes