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Enteprise Vault Multiple Renetion Assignments

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Does anyone know what the default retention period would be for messages that have been assigned to more than one retention group for archiving (e.g., 3yr Retention period and a 5yr Retention period) and running concurrently.  Does EV default to the lesser or the higher retention period? Also, if messages are reassigned from one retention group to another, how can the new retention period be applied to old messages? This would not be a global change across all messages, but rather for a select group of messages.

I am using Symantec EV CA 2007.

I am not an IT person and we have little IT support who are familiar with this application, so your insight is most appreciated.


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When an item is archived it is given a retention category.  So User A archives it with a retention category of 3 years.  Another user may come to archive it with a different retention category, say 5 years, User B.
So when an email is archived,it will only have 1 retention category associated with it.  Only by it being archived again (typically say by another user) for example does it get another retention category but really it's two instances of the same item so to speak.
User A will see the item with a 3 year retention, User B will see the item saying 5 year retention.  it is not the case that what User B does with the item and it's retention affects user A.

So after 3 years, the item will disappear from User A archive.  if they search for it they will no longer find it.  However the item itself is still in EV.  Two years later and the item will get deleted from User B archive and then the item has gone entirely.


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Hi yylevy,

The question is confusing us!

As i understood you would like to know whethere if you archive an alredy archived item again then in which retention category it uses, is this this is the question then answer is you can not rearchive an item which is already archived undil you make a change.

Let me make it simple, you have a mail which is archived with 3 years retention period and you want it to be archived for 5 years then you have retrieve it and archive it with 5 years retention period then only it will stay upto 5 years.

I hope i don't confuse you..:)