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Enterprise Vault 10.04 client failed to log in. Unable to retrieve configuration information.


I have been troubleshooting an issue with a user’s mac, where the customer is trying to log into their Symantec Enterprise Vault Client (client is version 10.0.4), and he gets a pop up from EV that says: Enterprise Vault client failed to log in.  Unable to retrieve configuration information.

As part of my troubleshooting, I have tried uninstalling the EV client and re-installing it.  I have tried also to relaod the customer's mailbox in Outlook 2011 for Mac.  Now the customer can go into his Windows computer and run outlook and pull all his archived content with no problems, but on Mac we get this error.

I have reviewed the customer’s password and the account is not locked out.  I also tried downgrading her client to 10.03 and it does the same problem.

I have been googling the issue but I have not found any information on this problem other than an old article from Symantec: where they describe the same error I am gettin and the same problem, but his article is from 03-04-2011 and they state this problem was resolved in EV Client 8 SP5.

I have several other customers with the same issue, and I am stuck as to how to resolve or what to troubleshoot next.  If someone could shed some light in my direction it would be great.



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Are you able to open EV

Are you able to open EV browser search in safari (open http://evservername/enterprisevault/search.asp)? As a next step I would recommend you to take console log of enterprise vault from MAC client during repro of this issue and upload to this post for review.

What’s the version of MAC OS version?


Hello,  to complete Pradeep's


to complete Pradeep's response the EV MAC client log can be collected following this article 

There we can see the authentication process.




The version of the OS on the

The version of the OS on the affected computer is 10.8.5

I have attached the Log as you requestef to this post.






Hello,  Something is wrong on


Something is wrong on the CAS Server during the authentication.

The authentication to the https://casserver.domain.ext/EWS/Exchange.asmx has failed, therefore the EV  MAC client is trying to authenticate to the /exchweb/bin/owaauth.dll using Forms Based authentication (still failing) and then using webdav protocol towards /exchange/user@domain.ext (still failing).

This issue would require a deeper troubleshooting on the Exchange CAS server Virtual Directories permissions and configuration. I advise you to open a case with Support.


PS: a troubleshooting step would be to attempt the URL opening https://casserver.domain.ext/EWS/Exchange.asmx (change the server names and domain accordingly, I have written a generic one for privacy reasons).