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Enterprise Vault 10: Files lost extension

Hi All,


recently we have an issue with Enterprise Vault 10. We can see mails saved, but, when we restore them, the files attached to these mails have lost their extension and they are renamed as Part.001, Part.002, ...

Anyone knows what can be the origin of this issue and, in case it can be resolved, how to proceed to do it?


Thanks a lot in advance,



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Which version of EV are you

Which version of EV are you using ?

Can you post a screenshot of

Can you post a screenshot of before archive and after restore message? Is it for specific type of message?

I mean message sent by any auto system with some attachments.

Do you see this issue in all

Do you see this issue in all archived items or just a few? Is only one user? I'd try to dump the saveset from the storage using EVSVR to confirm if you get the same output:

DumpSaveset command using EVSVR

In order to run the EVSVR DS command, you'll need to find the saveset from Outlook:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and select the archived item.
  2. Press CTRL and SHIFT keys and one of the Enterprise Vault (EV) toolbar buttons which should bring up the EV Diagnostic window.
  3. Click on Vault Information and scroll down to the Saveset ID and a code like n...n~n...n~n~...

If you dump one of the items and you still see the same issue, then I'd suggest you to contact support since you might need to collect a dtrace to troubleshoot this issue.

I hope this helps.

Hi Brunoc,     Is you problem

Hi Brunoc,



Is you problem has been resolved ???