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Enterprise Vault 10 Quota Based Archiving rules/method

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping somebody in the community can help me understand what the rules are that are applied when quota based archiving only is enabled. From what i have read on the support boards & the tech docs I am unable to find a concrete answer that i can share with people within my organisation. At best from what i can find when a Exchange quota is breached Enterprise Vault will attempt to reduce the mailbox size any way possible to bring the mailbox under its quota. In doing so it may choose an item from a week ago or it may choose an item from yesterday.

Is there anyone out there who has a firm grasp on the algorithm/method used that can explain in further detail?

The best document i have found to date is below, however it still does not provide me with the definite answer i need.




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Have you looked at the

Have you looked at the section in the Admin Guide where Quota based archiving is explained?

And there is this too:


Working for

Hi Rob, Thanks for your

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have read the section you are referring to in the Admin Guide & also the article along the journey trying to find an answer. I guess it still does leave me in a position of unknown when discussing this with my senior stakeholders. I probably should have mentioned in my first post our configuration

1. Quota based archiving 75%

2. No shortcuts

3. Virtual Vault + Vault Cache enabled

2. No Archiving Rules override settings 

3. No registry keys as mentioned in the Admin Guide regarding quota based archiving

This being the case how do i explain to someone what will happen when they have breached there quota and archiving kicks in. Is the oldest item going to be archived first or is it the 10MB file sitting in their inbox from 1 day ago?



Well the help recommends that

Well the help recommends that you select the option of 'start with items bigger than X', so it will start with those?

Working for

When the nightly schedule

When the nightly schedule archive run starts it will look at the mailbox and if it determines that it is over the % of quota listed it will then begin archiving, oldest first (default, unless you have set the archive large items first) and will contine down until the mailbox is under the % of quota. With your setting you will be archiving down until the mailbox is under 25% of the quota.  The % is based on "available storage reaches".  I suspect that you actually mean to archive the mailbox to under 75% of quota which means you should reset the % to 25 rather than 75.

You can also set the "never younger" range to preclude archiving more recent emails, although this might prevent the process from getting under the quota setting.

Thanks for the response and

Thanks for the response and apologises for the delay in replying.

In answer to your question yes the policy is currently set to 25% as opposed to 75%. It was a day with too little coffee & fat finger.

To you point about oldest first is there anywhere in the Symantec document that states this fact? I have looked high and low with no success.


I don't know of any

I don't know of any documentation that states that oldest are archived first, I only have personal observation that in fact oldest items are archived first.  This can be obfuscated by the various policy settings, i.e.  Archive large items first, archive or don't archive unread items, etc...  But in my experience, allowing for the various policies in place, the oldest item fitting the archiving requirements is archived first.