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Enterprise Vault 10 not displaying stubbed emails in OWA 2010

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Hi guys,

EV has been stubbing emails in Exchange 2003 over the last few years.

We've installed Exchange server 2010 and migrated mailboxes over.

Before we migrated the mailboxes, we followed the steps in Tech48928

We have now installed EV Add-in Extensions for OWA following this video (installing the OWA Extensions and verifying the changes are made in config.web).

Now in OWA 2010, when user logs in, we can successfully see the "Archive Explorer" tab in the left pane. (We don't see any "search Archive" tab).


The issue we see is that an archived message should display its contents when we double click it on OWA.

However, this is not the case.

When we open an archived message, the following is displayed:

"The archived item is unavailable. If you choose reply or forward, only the content shown below will be included."



Also the Archive Explorer displays: "Failed to perform the search request". We don't see our mailbox either - we only see "DATA" in the top left.


Finally.. when we attempt to archive an email in OWA, we are unable to store the email because the EV Store cannot be found.



We have not performed any steps on the EV side - not sure if this is something we've missed out here.


Thanks in advance.



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There are technotes about how to enable OWA logging, you'll need to do that and see what that says.

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Have you rerun the the owauser script? especially there are CAS server involved now.

Yup.. a OWA log will be good to see why failed...


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Hello RS84,

Have you run the Enterprise Vault OWA Resource Tool (EVORT) to determine if there is anything missed in the Exchange CAS servers?

Enterprise Vault OWA Resource Tool (EVORT)

If you try to open one of these mailboxes in Outlook, can you open/restore an EV shortcut? If so, then EV can connect to the Exchange servers and open the mailboxes. In that case, then it might be an issue with the CAS servers.

In addition, for the OWA logging, take a look at this technote:

Enterprise Vault 9.0 Web.config options for Microsoft Exchange 2010 Outlook Web Access (OWA).

I hope this helps.

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Hi guys, thanks for your replies.


1. We have ran the EVORT tool which shows all tests as "Passed" in the results

2. We can see that emails have been stubbed (older than 30 days) and we can successfully open these shortcuts in Outlook 2007 client.

3. When we attempt to open the same email in OWA, we are unable to open the archive (as discussed in the symptoms above).

4. What is the "OwaUser script" as mentioned by Patrick above?

5. We will look at enabling OWA Logging now in the meanwhile.





Level 6

I think we know the problem ...not running  owauser.wsf which creates a evanon iis vd on the EV server granting anonymous connections from the CAS server


you will need to do some pre reqs before running the script:

create a evanon domain user account in AD

and list the IPs of your CAS servers in exchangeservers.txt in root of program files(86)\enterprise vault as well as

allow read/write access to the ip and domain names restriction feature in IIS

after it's run resync all mbxs in archive task and restart EV Admin service which restarts all services