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Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 - Exchange 2007 + Exchange 2013 in Coexistence - Journaling Only

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Hi all,

We have an EV environment with a single EV 11.0.1 server. This currently archives a journal mailbox residing on a single Exchange 2007. We are looking to introduce a single Exchange 2013 into the equation.

Both Exchange 2007 & Exchange 2013 will coexist for a period of time - mailboxes will reside on both servers and during this period we will need to journal from both servers.

We're relatively clear on the process to create the required Exchange 2013 journal mailboxes and permissions. We can't find an authoriative source which states that journaling simulteanously from both servers is possible. We are also uncertain where the Vault Service account should reside. 

The Exchange 2007 currently contains both a VSA and an EV System Mailbox - 2 separate accounts and mailboxes. We understand that a new EV System Mailbox must be created on the Exchange 2013 server. 

What we are uncertain of is where the VSA Mailbox should reside. The documentation states that this should reside on the Exchange 2013 server, however would this not break journalling on the Exchange 2007 server??

During coexistence the correct legacy URL's will configured. As I understand it EV uses the Exchange SCP via to determine what Exchange server to connect to and can proxy via the Exchange 2013 server?

Our concern is that during migration, if we shift the VSA mailbox to the newer Exchange 2013 server we will break Exchange 2007 journaling. 

Hope this makes sense!




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Hello Ash,

Moving the mailbox for the VSA will not break Journaling, as it is only the mailbox for the Vault Service Account. Follow the documentation, make sure deploymentscanner result is correct when adding that new 2013 server, and you should be set quick.


Regards. Gertjan