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Enterprise Vault 12.4 Servers Locking Up High CPU Utilization During Archive Runs

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Recently we upgraded our enviormant with Windows 2016 Server and Enterprise Vault on 12.4. These are VM's running on vSphere 6.5. Since we have upgraded we are experincing the EV Hosts locking up with High CPU Utliization during our archive runs.

Are Vmware guy said Vmware Support doesnt see anyting strange and we back reved the Vmware Tools to see if it fixed it but still the servers still perodically lock up in the evenings when running the archiving tasks.

This causes indexes to become corrupt on a server that locks up and I have to do a rebuild everytime.

Really looking for anyone who has experienced this.

No AntiVirus or scanning is running during the archiving BTW..........




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Hello Mike,

Any idea which process is consuming CPU? It might be that it is not EV, but something else. You might want to check eventlog (if you see specific EV events indicating start of an issue), and configure backtrace. See here for info on Backtrace.

Are you running Expiry at the same time? Heavy DA/CA searches perhaps (if yes, see KB1 ) PST ingestion? Classification? Any other common denominator you see possibly causing this?

Do your VM's have dedicated CPU and RAM, or is this shared? I had in the beginning shared, which caused weird issues. After dedicating CPU/RAM, EV runs fine..

Regards. Gertjan