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Enterprise Vault 12.5 is coming...

Level 2

Hello EV users,

Join us for a NEW Release EV 12.5 webinar on October 21st. 10am PST.

 Enterprise Vault 12.5 – In Numbers
• 11 months of development 
• 114 legacy defect fixes to boost up the quality
• 78 specific customer issues addressed
• 40 days of Soak Testing and 50 days of Reliability testing to mimic customers production environment
• 975+ tests executed for new features to ensure international support
• 175+ UI test cases executed for new features on non-English environments
• 172,000+ automated test case executions carried out across multiple runs during the release
• 2100+ manual regression test cases executed to provide further confidence in existing features
• 11 new topics and 68 updated topics in customer documentation and help to ensure customers know the sparkling new features
• Continuous customer engagement for requirement validation and feedback throughout the feature development.
• Significant performance improvements in Hotword Analysis, Sampling (xml processing) and load time for hotwords
• Security Improvements - All Enterprise Vault endpoints are now TLS 1.2 enabled
• Engineering improvements made to save turnaround time for Media build generation, Watermark audit process and OpenSSL signing
• Certify release with new tool Black Duck Hub.

See you at the webinar Smiley Happy

Join us for a NEW Release EV 12.5 webinar on October 21st. 10am PST.