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Enterprise Vault 12

The observant amongst you might already be aware that EV12 shipped last week, on the same day that Veritas officially separated from Symantec. Well now that news of the separation has died down, we've published a blog post with all the detail you possibly need to get up to speed with EV12, the official press release is also available here.

It goes without saying we're really excited about EV12 and look forward to hearing your feedback here.



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What is the average waiting

What is the average waiting period after requesting a Partner evaluation license? 

Re: Enterprise Vault 12

@JimmyNeutron, it took Veritas around 5 business days for us to get ours when I ordered via PartnerNet.

Re: Enterprise Vault 12

@TonySterling well tomorrow will be day five for us lol. Hopefully it comes so I can test it this weekend

your partner SE should have

your partner SE should have tem keys handy to send you - same day

There's also an excellent 40

There's also an excellent 40 minute overview video that my colleague Dan Strydom has produced.

Updated link



Re: Enterprise Vault 12

Excellent Video in Dan Style yes

Dan's the man

Dan's the man

Re: Enterprise Vault 12

Sorry guys - there was an issue with the first video post, this has been fixed & the new URL is