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Enterprise Vault 8.0 to 8.0SP4 patch upgrade

Hello everybody,

        I want to upgrade the enterprise vault 8.0 to 8.0sp4, for this upgrade where i will get the detailed step by step procedure?



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Upgrade Instructions

The disk will contain detailed upgrade instructions in both PDF and CHM file formats


If you are worried about it,

If you are worried about it, you should probably involve professional services. But, in case you cant/wont make sure you have everything backed up in case it blows up and you have a suitable rollback. Test it in a lab, and test your rollback.


In fairness, a SP (even versions now days) are usually simple processes, but you never know your luck.


Online available documentation

Have a look at for online available documentation.


I agree with Marvin, There

I agree with Marvin, There are 5 steps to upgrade


Run Deployment scanner for the new version

Test the upgrade in a LAB

Backup everything

Backup Everything

Backup Everything

Follow the upgrade instructions that come with EV



The process is simple but have a backup of everything and read the instructions carefully. If you are unsure then either use Professional Services or find a Symantec Partner to help you with the upgrade


check this


Sheet applies also to 8 to 8spx upgrade. Filter out what you need, follow documentation.

Regards. Gertjan