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Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 not archiving journal mailbox

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We have two journal mailboxes that we have two journal tasks setup to archive the journal mailboxes 24/7.  I've been watching our 2nd journal mailbox for a few weeks now and watching it get larger and larger.  Today, I figure I need to do something about it.  We used to have support with Symantec and I've called in this issue in the past.  (We do not have support anymore.) I was looking through my previous notes.  I deleted the journal task and target (made screenshots of all tabs before doing this...).  Well after doing this, I ran the sql command...

select * from ExchangeMailboxEntry where MbxDisplayName =  'exchjournal2'

I receive this result...

1C8B92CAF3664E14BBA3E05BCADA168001n10000EVSARCHIVE01    185242    /O=CHS EXCHANGE/OU=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=EXCHJOURNAL2    ExchJournal2    ExchJournal2    ExchJournal2    US    1    0    1    0    0    0    337720    575    1D7397124520822429D760027574831871110000EVSARCHIVE01                                            0    2016-05-01 05:00:00.000    0    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL    172    NULL    NULL    0    NULL


If I do this command for our other mailbox, I receive this...

109E02485FAC2FB4DB73703265552CCE81n10000EVSARCHIVE01    185241    /O=CHS EXCHANGE/OU=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=EXCHJOURNAL1    ExchJournal1    ExchJournal1    ExchJournal1    US    1    0    2    0    0    0    2402525    1492    1D7397124520822429D760027574831871110000EVSARCHIVE01                                            0    2016-06-14 17:00:03.000    0    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL    NULL    205    NULL    NULL    0    NULL



ExchJournal1    US    1    0    2 (The 2 here means it a journal mailbox.)

exchjournal2, the value here is 1 which means it's a user mailbox.  I need to somehow change this to a two.  Does anyone know how I go about resolving this?  We have DBAs.  I don't know if it's as simple as running an sql command to change this value to a 2 or if there's more to it than just changing the value to a 2. 

Also, if there's anything more beyond changing to a 2 and recreating the target and task, I am not sure.  If others can give me advice here also, that would be great.


Level 6

It sounds like the 2nd mailbox is not actually a journal mailbox.  I would create a new Journal mailbox, set the rules to archive it and then move the existing emails into it.  You can point the Journal task to the same archive that you already have.

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In addition to this:

It might be you have not defined the Journal Mailbox in the proper location in EV. Expand Targets, Exchange Servers, Exchange server that has the new Journal Mailbox, Journal Mailboxes. Is the new mailbox defined here? If not, you need to add it here.

Regards. Gertjan

I deleted the task and target yesterday (taking full screenshots of all screens before deleting it.)  I was hoping when I deleted the task and target that the sql entry would've disappeared so I could recreate it and it would have the 2 for the value of the mailbox type.  But it didn't disappear when I did this. 


Attached are screenshots.  They were journaling tasks and targets.

Here's a second screenshot.

BTW, the disabled task has been disabled for months or years.  It's been working archiving both journal mailboxes.  A previous incident we had to create a new task to get one of the journal mailboxes working and we disabled it vs delete to be on the safe side and I haven't touched the disabled one for a year or more.

Ok, I might have figured it out.  I started to attempt to put everything back.  When recreating the journal 2 task, I put the old mailbox back and attempted to use the old mailbox server.  It said it couldn't find it.  I found it moved to our mbx001 server.  I moved the mailbox back to mbx008.  Then rebuilt the task and target.  So far the journal mailbox is increasing in size.  It hasn't started decreasing yet.  So, not sure if I fixed it or not.

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My advice?

Setup a new Journal Mailbox in Exchange. Define it in Enterprise Vault, configure the archive, task etc. Start the task. Open Outlook in the EV server, make sure to add the new Journal Mailbox to the profile. Send an email from your mailbox to the Journal Mailbox. Verify it arrives, and verify it gets archived. If it gets archived, switch Journaling in Exchange, to use the new Journal Mailbox. This way, you know the Journal Mailbox is being archived correctly.

As you switched Journaling, the old (increasing) journal mailbox can be processed by the task, without receiving new incoming items.

Be aware that it can take a while before a mailbox with a large amount of items is being archived. If necessary, add the filed Messageclass to the Outlook pane, and sort on that. You should see ipm.note and ipm.note.pending.archiving and the numbers going up/down.


Regards. Gertjan