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Enterprise Vault 9.0.4: Important Please Read

We discovered an issue with EV 9.0.4 (GA on 6/20/12, last week) - any customers who have already installed or upgraded to it will need to take action.

We released a Late Breaking News (LBN) alert and have published a related technote.

The existing 9.0.4 download has been stopped and can no longer be downloaded. An updated kit will be available for download late next week on fileconnect – at which time the technote will be updated.


If you are interested in receiving updates on this matter then please subscribe to the technote and wait for the new download.

If you have already installed or upgraded to 9.0.4 then we advise that you call support to ensure you receieve updates as soon as possible.

6 Replies

Why is no one saying what the

Why is no one saying what the issue is? People may have already downloaded and upgraded already and would want to know what risk they're under at at the moment?

Alex Thanx for alert, JW is


Thanx for alert, JW is correct. We are eager to know what went wrong. So we can be ready if at worst case our of our customer is at risk (as stated) with this release

just read the updated

just read the updated technote, not that bad then, doesnt sound like dataloss at least which is good

:-) . Got big relief after

:) . Got big relief after going through TN: Same here JW about no data lose at all.


 6-Jul-2012 -  The above

 6-Jul-2012 -  The above issue has been resolved, a new build for 9.0.4 has been released (9.0.4 R1) and is available for download on FileConnect.

Consolidated View of the Release Notes


A Consolidated View of the Release Notes for all V9 Versions

If you want to peruse all of the fixes & features that were introduced across all versions of V9 then please have a read of the following article. You can download a version of the update.htm file we normally ship with each release that will help you easily peruse all the update files from a single & easy to navigate file.However, this is very much a trial that we want to try out and get your feedback on, we need to establish if this is something that our customers & partners will value.

Please also vote in the survey - your feedback is needed to help decide whether to offer this update format as part of the standard document set.