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Enterprise Vault 9.0 Manual Archive not possible

Level 4

Hey guys,

my Enterprise Vault is working nice with using automatic archiving jobs.

No problems so far.

Now I decided it would be nice, that the users are also able to manual archive some mails.

I connected to my EV Server...

Edited my default Desktop Policy and checked the two checkboxes (Store in Vault - Enabled & On Toolbar)

After that clicked on Synchronization - Synchronize in my Archiving Task (All Mailboxes)

When I restart my Outlook 2010 Client (Connected to Exchange 2007) I can see now in the EV Tab a new Entry (Actions - Save)

When I click on a mail in my Outlook and then click on Save it says "Sie können Elemente von diesem Ablageort nicht archivieren" which means in english "You are not able to archive elements from this store".

I have also some attached mailboxes of other users in my outlook. (Option used: Additionally open the following mailboxes)

When I click on a mail in their mailbox and then click on (Actions - Save) of the EV Tab I am able to archive this mail. Strange!?

Any ideas why it is not working on my person mail account?

Is there any setting which I missed to get it fully working.

Thanks for your help.




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there are quite a few compatibility caveats for EV 9 to work with Outlook 2010. not saying that's your issue but might be a good place to start.