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Enterprise Vault 9 FSA export not working

Level 3
Partner Accredited

I have a customer that wants to retire EV 9 FSA.

The export is not working and it gives no errors in the command window where i run the FSAUtility.  They want to export from the current environment to a AWS cloud server. We can copy files to the new volumes (On AWS). The restore only creates the folders for the files but will not write the files. Only in the logfile it gives 'unspecified error' for each of the files that we want to restore. 

This customer is changing their service provider, EV is with their current one and the AWS is on the environment of the new one. It could be a permissions issue, I've asked the customer to check and set it correctly.

It could be something else as the FSAUtility won't restore locally. 





Level 6

Hi Orcaforce,

What command are you using to restore the data?  

Do the files open in Archive Explorer?  

Does an EVSVR > Dumpsaveset work on a file?

Would Dtrace FSAUtility and EvFileSvrArcMngr to see if you can determine what error is being returned if the above work.



Level 3
Partner Accredited

the command I use is:

FSAUtility -t -s "\\servername\G$\data\DC Algemeen" -d \\servername\k$\EV-Export -l 0

-t export, -s source, -d destination, -l reportlevel 0 (successes and fails)

starts without errors, runs for all the items I can find in the EV Admin Console, creates the folders but places no files.

I'm not on location and I have to be there to run Dtrace.. thank you for the tip..