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Enterprise Vault - Alert: Available MBs is less than the defined threshold from SCOM

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Hi I have 2 Enterprise Vault ver 10.0.4 installed in Windows 2008 R2 for our Exchange servers and SCOM 2007 R2 is monitoring Enterprise Vault as well as all other servers. 

Since the begining of Enterprise Vault monitoring SCOM is alerting with the message time to time.

Alert: Sample value of the performance counter Memory - Available MBs is less than the defined threshold. Resolution state

Alert Rule:  Possible performance problem: low memory 

There is less than 20MB of physical memory available. You may experience some performance problems.

The Enterprise Vault server may not have enough physical memory to cope with the demand.

Use Windows Task Manager to check which processes are using the most memory. You may need to reduce the amount of memory used by other applications.


I checked physical memory with separate performance monitor. but there is no sign of high memory usage.

This monitor on SCOM uses custome management package for Symantec Enterprise Vault so I am not exactry sure what this monitor is actually monitoring and alerting about memory.

Does anyone know anything about Enterprise Vault Monitoring with SCOM?



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Hi, i am experiencing the same issue.

Available ram from perfmon and task manager is 5GB but SCOM alerting that 20mb free.

I recalculate health and it is all green but the alert doesn't close. Possibly one to raise in a SCOM forum!?

Any advice apperciated

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i had a look at the EV management pack for SCOM and this doesn't appear to be one of the monitors provided.