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Enterprise Vault Application Pool

Level 4
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Following an upgrade to 9.0.2, I've encountered what appears to be a Kerberos issue related to the following TECH article:

I've implemented the workaround and it works fine but I was wondering if a better solution would be to change the service account that the Enterprise Vault Application pool runs as. The reason we may need Kerberos authentication is that the customer uses CAC Card authentication and they affraid that down the road this could cause issues. So, I have two questions:

1.) Has anyone tried changing the service account that the pool runs as and could this be recommended?

2.) Does anyone have insight as to why Kerberos functionality would change following an upgrade from EV 7.5.4 to EV 9.0.2 (step upgrade with 8.0.x in between)?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Level 6

I am going to move this thread over to the EV forum for better exposure.