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Enterprise Vault Backup takes a LONG time using Backup Exec 12.

Hello all,

We are using EV Vault 7.5 and backing it up using Backup Exec 12 with the EV agent.  Backup Exec is on the same server as the Vault DBs,but we have a separate SQL server.  My problem is that the Vault backup takes a long time, specifically 13 hours for about 550GB.   Within the EV agent almost everything backs up in a timely manner except  "EV-PTN::\\%servername%\MailStore01\MailStore01 Ptn1@E:", which is the actual Vault DB.  It backs up at around 700-750MB/min.  We are backing up to a TL2000 with LTO-4 drive which can theoretically backup at a rate of 400GB/hr.  When I backup a a flat file to this drive using Backup exec, it backs up at 4.5GB/min.  
Even other Vault data sets backup in a more timely manner, 2-3GB/min.  I think it is just the actual Vault DB that is the one going to slow.  I also tried backing up the DB to a disk on the server and the backup rate was the same, around 700MB/min.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?  What could be causing the Vault DB to "throttle" or limit the backup to this speed?

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Have you considered or have

Have you considered or have you already got colletions enabled?

This will collect files (DVS) into larger CAB files and larger files equal quiker backup times.

 You should also consider the

 You should also consider the block size of the disk. If you archive many large files, a small block size on the disk will slow down the seek time on the disk and will slow your backups. The same goes when you use small files and large block sizes

 Genie, how do I enabled

 Genie, how do I enable collections?  

Scanner001, I thought about that but the flat file on the same disk backups quickly.  Wouldn't that be affected?

 Depending on the file size. 

 Depending on the file size. 

it's a db not a partiton


You are reporting it's slow to backup the vault store database, not it's partition correct.  So enabling collections is not relevant.
How big is the vault store database.  You mention 500gb of data to back up but not size the vault store is.


 EV Director, how can I find

 EV Director, how can I find the size of the Vault store?

Wait, I think I found it, its the data in the "VaultStoreData" folder?  if so then that 500GB should be the correct size.  

If I am correct following

If I am correct following mikes and your reply your referring to the partition which is the area on disk that contains DVs files which Is the archived items. Collections can be enabled on the partition through the vault admin console. Navigate down through the console to vault stores and select your vault store. In the right you should now see a list or perhaps just one even of partitions. Open the properties of this and review the collections tab. You will also find more info on collections by going to the ev help files that install with the product. Just search collections.

Perhaps you need to close of your vaultstore and create new 1

We also experience very slow backup times with the vault stores. That is because it has to backup thousands of small individual files. We keep our vault stores to a maximum of 200GB. Close off and create a new one then take a permanent backup of the close vault and send offsite.
Even with this method backups take over 7 hours when it is close to the 200Gb mark.

We are using DataProtector but i think there would be no difference with BackupExec.


 Thanks for the info.  I am

 Thanks for the info.  I am going to try turning on collections first and make them about 20MB in size to see if that helps.  If I need the backup even faster, then I will try what karmakoma said and close off the existing partition and back it up, then create a new partition and just back that up going forward.  

Excellent let us know how it

Excellent let us know how it goes and it collections helped dont forget to mark as solved. ;)

 Do you guys have any

 Do you guys have any information on Collections?  I have it turned on and while my backup appears to be a smidgeon faster, it still takes a long time.  I am looking for something that I could tell the collections status; is it done, how much more does it have to go, etc.  

It should only run in the

It should only run in the time window you have given it. How much it has to do etc is a little more difficult and will be based on your collectons settings etc. You should also see some events logged for collections stating how many cab files created. How many it still has to do is a little harder to work out as you cannot produce a report on this. Try and allow your collections run as much time as possible and monitor the events for amount processed. As more gets cabbed the better your backup time should be but for a large partition this may not be all done in a few runs.

Hi, how is this going now?

Hi, how is this going now?

David Warren 2, You

David Warren 2, You say:
"Within the EV agent almost everything backs up in a timely manner except  "EV-PTN::\\%servername%\MailStore01\MailStore01 Ptn1@E:", which is the actual Vault DB. "

I think it is the actual Vault Store Partition #1 Data on the E: drive.   It would say something else for SQL database.

Also SQL database is usually significantly smaller than the actual archived data and normally doesn't take a very long time to back up.

For example we have close to 40TB of archived data. Our EV SQL database total size is about 300GB.