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Enterprise Vault - CAB File Questions

Level 4

Recently noticing too many cab file corrution issue in our environment . called up veritas and didnt get much clear information.

we have EV version : 12.0.3

on Windows 2012.

Please advice what could be the reason .


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Hello Jacob,

There are many reasons why a cab file gets corrupted. Keep in mind that EV data is already compressed, so using the collect feature only groups compressed data into larger cabfiles.

You might have corruption on storage level. you might have an antivirus solution scanning that location, and trying to repair/quarentine an item. you might have backup software corrupting it, you might just be unlucky.

repairing it might be not possible. you can try to extract the items from the cabfiles, to see what that gives, but that might not be possible due to the corruption. There might be freeware tools available which repair cabfiles, but that is not something I tried. If you have backups from a while ago, you might want to try restoring the offending cabfiles, see if the restored ones are still ok.


Regards. Gertjan

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Hi Jacob,

in most of the cases it is the antivirus scanner that takes out viruses.

Depending on the size of your data you might want to have a look at "storage bit rot", statisticly one error will accur every 8TB of data. Which means one file out of a 8Tb dataset will be inconsistent.

Storage targets like ReFS+storage spaces or Linux ZFS could be storage filesystems that could help fixing this.

Your eventlog-errors could probably tell you more about the real reason.