Enterprise Vault - DataDomain - Slow performance

We have a EV 11 ( installation where DataDomain is used as storage for the Vault Store.

The last few days we have very slow perfomance to the DataDomain Share.

If I try to copy a 20 Mb file to the DataDomain Share, this can take from 5-6 seconds to up to 2-3 minutes.

When trying to copy another 20 Mb file to another (non-datadomain) share, this takes only a few seconds.

If users try to open archived e-mail this takes very long time, and often it will fail/time out.

If I try to copy files to the DataDomain share from another server (not EV server), the perfomance is OK.

During testing I tried to stop the EV Storage Service, and then the performance to the DataDomain share is OK - every operation i.e. copying files or browsing the tree-structure is very fast.

When I start the EV Storage Service again, the poor performance is coming back.

Does anyone have any idea what this can be?


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Did you enable CAB collection

Did you enable CAB collection recently or is the process running during office hours ?


you can dtrace the storage

you can dtrace the storage service to see what it's up to


Attached DTRACE

Attached DTRACE of



Did reproduce the issue during tracing.


Hi, no change on the system

Hi, no change on the system for a long time.