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Enterprise Vault Database Migration from MS SQL 2012 Standalone to MS SQL 2016 AlwaysOn

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Dear Experts,

We are planning to move Enterprise Vault 12.3 Database from MS SQL 2012 R2 SP3 standalone to MS SQL 2016 AlwaysOn. Also AlwaysOn listener will use the custom port 49540. Below is the setup and steps I am considering to migrate the database. Appreciate if you can review the steps and give your expert advise if anything I need to consider during the migration process. 

Current Setup:  Enterprise Vault 12.3 running on Two Node Veritas Cluster on Windows 2012 R2 

                         Discovery Accelerator stanadlone server configured.

Steps I am considering to migrate:

1) Stop all EV Services on all Servers 

2) Change the Database Instance name using SetEVDatabase 

3) Detach EV Database from SQL 2012 and Attach EV Database in SQL 2016 

4) Backup the Database and Configure AAG with Listener with 49540 Port 

5) Wait for complete sync to happen 

6) Change EV Registry Entry for Directory Service (Kindly suggest if I need to mention the Port Number in registry. E.g. AAG_LISTENER_NAME,49540  OR or AAG_LISTENER_NAME Should be fine)

7) Change FingePrint Database Entry using SQL Query (Suggest whether I need to use AAG_Listener,Port_Number OR just AAG_Listener is fine)

8) Start EV Directory Service & Admin Service, Change the Vault Store Group Database entries (suggest whether I neeed to specify the Server with port name as mentioned in previous steps?)

9) Start All remaining Services 

10) Wait for completely startup 

11) Modify the EV Monitoring Database (Suggest need to specify portnumber along with AAG-Listener_name

12) Test Search and Archives 

13) Modify the Config File for DA Server (Suppose I need to modify Server Name with Port number in config files? Suggestions please)

14) Start EVAMS 

15) Login to EVDAAdmin portal, reflect change for EV DA database with appropriate portnumber AAG_LIS_Name,PortNumber

16) Retstart EVAMS


Really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.




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Hello Rane,

I personally would first move to SQL2016, then configure always-on, but you need to decide yourself on that. There are KB articles available which describe the process good.

Move EV Databases

Move DA databases

Modify DA config files (has description on how to do it when using A-O)

The Adminstrators Guide from EV has a section on enabling A-O for EV databases.


Regards. Gertjan

 Thanks GertjanA for reply and also for sharing the KB articles.

One more suggestion which I have asked. whether I need to explicitly specify the port number in Registry since we are planning to use the custom port to connect to AAG listener.




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Hello Rane,

I'm not sure. I use specific ports in my environment, the registry key however does not have that listed. Only one way to find out...

Thanks, and good luck.


Regards. Gertjan