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Enterprise Vault - Encrypted Mails within archive - centralized recovery ???

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Hello together,


we are at the beginning of a migration from Lotus Domino to exchange.

Within Lotus Notes the users has used the "Lotus Notes - "onBoard-encryption"", these Mails are also archived.

For the migration from Domino to exchange, we have to recover encrypted mails back to the users mailbox, after that process we can 

migrate the mailbox from Domino to Exchange....I´m looking to do the recovery of encrypted mails in a centralized way instead of a user action there any hint to do this for the users==????


many thanks & kind regards,




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From what I understand, their mails in Lotus Notes are encrypted then got archived, what archiving software? Anyway,even if those emails were archived using EV, this question is really for the Domino experts because EV won't be able to do what you need.

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hi Heino! we just ran into this issue in a migration project with one of our customers! in our case, the EV migration software failed to migrate all the encrypted emails BUT identified them all with the same error ID. using the error ID we were able to isolate all the encrypted emails and trace them back to EV.