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Enterprise Vault Exchange - Moved shortcuts not updating in browser search, after move to Outlook folder

Level 2


EV 10.0.4, single WIN 2008 R2 SP1, x64 server with single vault store, approximately 1000 archives; separate SQL server.

Have a mailbox with 36 k shortcuts (AdvancedFind Message Class = ipm.note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut) and see almost the same number items in vault archive, in an EV browser search without specifing and parmeters.

Move 26 k of the messages to a folder /ToBeDeleted in Outlook.

Perform EV archive/move shortcut run.

In performing a EV browser search, with \ToBeDeleted folder specified, only 7756 of the 26k items are found.

Have tried rebuilding index, repeated the archive/move shortcut runs, moved/removed the items in Outlook to different folders. Still only see 7756 items.

Have also tried the shortcut “poison pill” registry edit: HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents\DWORD: ClearFailedMoveUpdate Value: 1


The goal is to perform an EV to PST (remove content) export, and then delete the shortcuts in Outlook. This has been done on about 20 other mailboxes. Works great except for this one MB.

For whatever reason, the shortcuts do not update, and always find the same 7756 messages when doing a browser search with \ToBeDeleted folder specified.






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First, you do have update moved items enabled, right? (have to ask wink)

What does the report say?

Enterprise Vault produces the report after the following types of Exchange Mailbox task run:

  • A scheduled run

  • A run that you start with the Run Now option, in Archiving and shortcut processing mode orShortcut processing mode

Hidden mailboxes do not appear in the report.

The report file is in the Reports\Exchange Mailbox Archiving subfolder of the Enterprise Vault installation folder (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Reports\Exchange Mailbox Archiving).

The file name is as follows:


Level 2

Tony, thanks for the reply. New information below from EVSVR report.


Yes, I am very familiar with the report, there is one below as a sample. I have a provisioning group just for the purpose of updating (moving) the locations of the shortcuts. And I have done this on at least 20 other users.


(1) Move the vaulted messages to folder zToBeDeleted in Outlook.

(2) Add the user to the designated group, run provisioning.

(3) When completed, on Archive task, Run Now, Move short cuts, choose the user, wait for queues to clear.

(4) Browser search, choose/check the folder xToBeDeleted, note the number.

(5) Compare the number to the number of vaulted messages in zToBeDeleted, in Outlook.

(6) If they match, I then actually use an InBox rule to slowly permanently delete the messages in Outlook. This is the only MB that has not matched.

(7) Simultaneously (and this also works fine) I export from EV to PST, check "remove exported items from archive", and then bakup the PST, and save for awhile, just in case.

I have created new indexes...

I have run move shortcuts several times, and moved the messages to other folders several times, and get various numbers of moved items; always 29 folders.

Also the number of vaulted items in the MB is roughly 36k, and the total number of vaulted items from the browser search is pretty close to 36k. I reason there may be a few orphans, but not thousands.


:new information and sample move run FULL report.

Ran EVSVR against the user archive (Verify/Complete, one archive) see about 150 total, in two groups of these SaveSet mismatch entries:

Just a sample, first group...

CUT from EVSVR report file..........................................................................................

Collections processed:                 123316
2014-04-23 14:32:21            Collections with mismatched RefCounts: 1
2014-04-23 14:32:21            Collections with invalid records:      0
2014-04-23 14:32:21 
2014-04-23 14:32:21 
2014-04-23 14:32:21          Verify that Savesets can be retrieved
2014-04-23 14:32:21          -------------------------------------
2014-04-23 14:32:21 
2014-04-23 14:32:21            Saveset records: 22439
2014-04-23 14:32:21 
2014-04-23 14:44:40            SavesetId: 201003178797880~200911231424480000~Z~20C390A7B6EA28633B2977A9A1FCD621, Archived Date: 2010-03-17 03:51:00Z
2014-04-23 14:44:40              ArchiveEntryId:
2014-04-23 14:44:40              Collection Identity: 109557, DVS RelativeFileName: 2010\03-17\2\Collection109557.CAB
2014-04-23 14:44:40              Fingerprint validation failed but the data may be correct. Open the saveset to check archived item.


 Verify failed count: 106
2014-04-23 14:45:57          Verify succeeded count: 22333


.................................................................end cut..........................................

User and policy identification Shortcut actions Archive task timings
Mailbox display nameMailbox display name
The mailbox display name from Exchange
Archiving statusArchiving status
Status of this mailbox. This could be:
Mailbox policyMailbox policy
The policy that has been applied by Enterprise Vault
Archiving strategyArchiving strategy
Quota, age and quota, or age based archiving
Total number and size of shortcuts in the mailbox
Shortcuts deletedShortcuts deleted
Total number of shortcuts which were deleted from the mailbox...
Folders With moved shortcutsFolders With moved shortcuts
Total number of folders in the mailbox ...
Number of moved shortcutsNumber of moved shortcuts
Total number of moved or copied shortcuts fou...
Start timeStart time
The date and time during this run when processing of the mailbox started
End timeEnd time
The date and time during this run when processing of the mailbox ended
Processing timeProcessing time
Total time needed to process the mailbox
1 Gxxxxxx, Bxxxx Completed: no eligible items Move Shortcuts Age 38524 (593.9 MB) 0 29 18743 4/21/2014 5:35 PM 4/21/2014 5:36 PM 00:00:54