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Enterprise Vault: Export Back to Outlook 2010 issue

Hi all,

Currently preparing for an Office 365 cutover by unarchiving all emails and exporting them back to their mailboxes (disabled users as well).

I have an issue where when attempting to export archives back to outlook 2010 I cannot see the destination inbox. Currently only testing for one user.

Checked the following:

1. Inbox is NOT hidden from exchange list

2. Account is NOT disabled in AD

3. EVService can control the account

Any thoughts or other fields that need to be considered?

EV states that the inbox has to be enabled and existing which they are. 

EV Version with Win2008-Outlook 2010 and Win2012-AD

Thanks for your time!




3 Replies

how are you running EV 10 on

how are you running EV 10 on Windows 2003 and Outlook 2010?


Apologies; 2008

Apologies; 2008

ok and just so you know,

ok and just so you know, Outlook 2010 isn't supported on the EV server