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Enterprise Vault Index cleanup

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What is the proper way to 'clean' the enterprise vault index?  Or to reduce the index size on disk?


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Which EV Version are you running?
Also, define "clean" Index? What would you like to achieve exactly, or what's the issue you're facing?

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

So we're on EV

Our drive for the EV Index is filling up.  I was looking for a way to compress the data or somehow clean the data up.  There is an IDX folder that has all the data in it.  I'm guessing the data has to deal with the indexing of the mailboxes.  

If I go to the Indexing page in EV, theres a link to 'manage Indexes'.  

The index data may contain some "whitespace" that you can reclaim. More details in this article. Note that the process to reclaim it involves building the new, slimmer copy of the index before you delete the old, bloated copy. This means that when you implement this, your disk usage will initially increase by some amount before it subsequently decreases by a larger amount.