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Enterprise Vault - Mail Archiving Stopping Early

Level 4
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I have a  customer who appears to be having only a subset of his user's mail archived. From the highlighted sections below:


The task is set to run automatically at 3pm on Saturdays and run through to 00:00 Monday morning.


Any ideas what would prevent the task from continuting to run?

Kind regards,

Cameron Mottus


Level 4

Looking at report, I believe it completed processing 30 Mbx out of 68 targetted in few minutes (processing time ~27min) Other 38 are not processed as they are hidden. It is not necessary that the task runs continuously in the scheduled time. It can end once all targetted mailboxes are archived as per policies.

Level 6
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As Manideep mentioned once the run has completed it will not run again until the next schedule start
If a mailbox has completed processing and the Archiving window is still running, that mailbox will not process again during that time

But lets say we have the following mailboxes
10 mailboxes - 10,000 eligible items (100,000 items total)
10 mailboxes - 5,000 eligible items (50,000 items total)
10 mailboxes - 1,000 eligible items (10,000 items total)
10 mailboxes - 500 eligible items (5,000 items total)

By default the Mailbox Archiving Task is set to do 1000 items per pass.
A pass means it scans the mailbox for items eligible for archive, after 1,000 items have been archived, it stops processing that mailbox, and moves on to the next mailbox to process
The reason for this is so that one giant mailbox doesn't stop other mailboxes from being archived properly.

So the schedule starts up and it begins archiving the mailboxes, 1,000 items at a time

First Pass: 40 mailboxes processed - 35,000 items archived
 - 10 mailboxes that had 500 items are now fully archived, they will not be re-queued
 - 10 mailboxes that had 1,000 items are now fully archived, they will not be re-queued
 - The other mailboxes have more items to archive, so they will be re-queued for another pass

Second Pass: 20 mailboxes processed - 20,000 items are archived
Third Pass: 20 mailboxes processed - 20,000 items archived
Fourth Pass: 20 mailboxes processed - 20,000 items archived
Fifth pass: 20 mailboxes processed - 20,000 items archived
 - 10 mailboxes that had 5,000 eligible items are now fully archived after 5x1000 item passes - they will not be requeued for another pass

Sixth Pass to Tenth pass are now spent archiving the rest of the eligible for archive mail

Now say your Archiving Schedule is 12PM to 10PM
If each pass takes 45 minutes, the 10 passes would take 7 hours 30 minutes
So that means at 7:30PM no more items would be archived, no more mailboxes scanned because even though the archiving window still has another two and a half hours, its completed all its work.

A lot of people who want 24 hour archiving will do something like the following
12AM to 3:45AM
4AM to 7:45AM
8AM to 11:45AM
12PM to 3:45PM
4PM to 7:45PM
8PM to 11:45PM

thats 22 hours of process with 2 hours downtime.
Each time that the schedule starts up, it will re-load the eligible users and scan their items once more