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Enterprise Vault Mobile Search incorrect data format for 12.3

Level 5


We are pilot testing EV Mobile Search and have an issue with the date format showing in US format for iOS and Andriod We need this to be English Australian format.

Please note the format is correct for a desktop search.

As a test we changed the Language to German when opening the EV Mobile Search URL and the date displayed correctly but we are not going to advise users to do this.

So how to we change the Date format for the EV Mobile Search mobile devices?


Thanks in advance


Level 4


I assume you are the same person who raised a case as this exact question came through as an escalation to me. After my own research I concluded that it was not possible to change the date format in mobile search. I confirmed this fact with the engineering group as well.


Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ

Hi Paul,

Yes that was me. And as per your and Vineet's advice it's not available.

FYI: The date format can be changed in the mobile search as we tested this by changing to German, and then the date displayed as dd/mm/yyyy but we aren't German :) This was only part of our testing.

We did find it strange that no English dates are available, when they are for all other parts of EV

As per Veritas support advice we are now required to contact Veritas Account Managers to request an enhancement. Seems more like an oversight or bug than an enhancement.

Anyway thanks for your advice.



That is correct. If the language is changed to another supported non-english language then it will take those settings. From an English perspective EV searched have always used (rightly or wrongly) the US date format if any English language is set. That was consistent across the board until recently in a version of EV 12 where we added the ability to choose a specific date format including the correct, sorry, the english format :)

For whatever reason that has not made it into the mobile search feature and so it is correct that this would fall into the realm of enhancement request as the product is currently working as designed.



Enterprise Vault Senior Principal Engineer APJ