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Enterprise Vault - Moving Accounts between Domains / EXCH Servers

I have a configuration whereby I have two Windows domains (A & B), each with an exchange 2010 environment (X & Y). 

I have users in Domain A using exchange on server X, and over time I will be migrating them to Domain B using exchange on server Y.  I have a single EV9 environment which is currently archiving Exchange Email from both Domains / Exchange Servers. 

As I move a user (from within AD/Exchange) from one domain/server to the other - will EV keep 'track' of this and keep the archive associated with the user when they move from one domain to the other, or have I got to perform tasks within EV to reflect this movement of users between domains/servers ?


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You should look at the

You should look at the SynchInMigration mode and try and keep the legacyMbxDN (LegacyExchDN) and the mbxGUID the same, that way it should be fairly effortless. then when you run provisioning as the user gets moved , it should relink the user to their existing EV Archive.

obviously test as much as you can
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also to add on what Alex said

also to add on what Alex said above, are you going to migrate the EV server from domain A to domain B at some point too?

I did the same migration a while ago, and I simple took the EV out of domain A and join to domain B. It is prefferred that you create a new service account on domain B and use that as your domain A will eventually be decomissioned and removed (?), but of course you don't need to do this part until when required.

When you create the service account for domain B, you need to go through the same process that you created the service account on domain A etc.


I hadn't planned on the move of the EV server, although down the road it may well happen.

How do I ensure I keep the legacyMbxDN (LegacyExchDN) and the mbxGUID the same ?

Thanks for the input.


as Alex mentioned above you

as Alex mentioned above you need to add the SynchInMigrationMode reg key on the EV server, check out the link above.

I am OK with the

I am OK with the SynchInMigrationMode key, but just wondered if the comments regarding legacyMbxDN (LegacyExchDN) and the mbxGUID involved some specific requirements in the AD/Exchange move process.


ah...ok...perhaps this

ah...ok...perhaps this technote will explain better?

As far as I know you shouldn't need to do anything on the exchange/AD side of things but choosing the appropriate vaule 1 or 2 is the key in this technote. Generally people use key value 2.


This link doesn't work


@Adama_T the link does not work because it was only relevant in 2012. 

Please start new discussion for new querie.