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Enterprise Vault OWA Setup Wizard

Level 6

Updated:  May 6, 2015
Currently the OWA configuration wizard is undergoing maintenance.  Please subscribe to this forum post for updates on the tools availability. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Customers can check back to the Forum post or subscribe to HOWTO75066 for the latest updates.


Here is a wizard which guides you through the steps to configure OWA for Enterprise Vault. This wizard includes five steps that will help you install packages, configure external access, and verify functionality. A sixth step will provide an opportunity to learn more about OWA.

Check it out!


Level 6

This is a definite bookmark if you are looking to configure, or re-deploy, OWA within your environment. It is interactive and points you to relevant information to allow you to get OWA right first time.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Just tried it for a site i am working with now having issues - EV10 with Exchange 2003

So answered 1st Question as being 2003 only and it just says:

"Installation of the Enterprise Vault OWA 2003 extensions is not covered by this interactive tool. For instructions, please refer to Chapter 9 of the Setting Up Exchange Server Archiving document included on your EV installation media."frown


Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Awesome stuff Swathi!