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Enterprise Vault Podcast

Yes - that's right....a Podcast about Enterprise Vault.

Perhaps it's surprising we've not thought do do these before but this is hopefully the first of many. It's a nice bite size way to consume information on the go, yes you can now listen and learn about EV whilst on the go, whether that's on the train, on your bike or even on a lunch time run.

This first Podcast is about EV SMTP archiving, listen to Dan Strydom talk about why it's such a useful addition to your archiving armory and get a better understanding about what it can do. All done in 10 minutes.

There's various ways to consume the podcast - with iTunes this is as easy as feeding in the URL as shown below, of course other Podcast clients are available and you can use the link as needed for those.

Open iTunes

Click File > Subscribe to Podcast…

Enter this url

Hope you all enjoy this, please let us know if you'd like more topics covered, obviously once you've subscribed you'll automatically see any new ones as they're made available, but it would be good to get your input.


2 Replies

Re: Enterprise Vault Podcast

pretty cool idea

Re: Enterprise Vault Podcast

really great idea smiley