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Enterprise Vault Pst migration for Mac OS X Clients

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Would like to know wether it is posible to do pst search on mac os x clients in EV?
Unable to find any info regarding this.

Many Thanks

Best Regards, AlChie
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I do not think this is natively supported. Our PST migration solution can address it but I think it is important to note that it is probably not the actual PST files that you are seeking in this effort as they are not the ecological equivalant to the PST files in Windows machines. There is an equiv file type whoes name eludes me (OLM?, OLB? I cant recall after the few years since I played with it). THat is likely what you need to actually migrate. It is mountable and subject to active changes like PST files. It can also migrate additional profiles if needed. It is unique in the market AFAIK for its ability to address teh Mac problem too.

If you have a  minor PST problem I think the native tools are great. If you have a major one you may want to look into what we do. I worked with this product for my first 2 years of working here and IMHO there is nothing like it in the market. I think in most cases the solution pays for itself in saving the time and mental energy of the experts needed to pull off these projects with EV natively or other native tools.

Not trying to pitch you to it but after doing scores of PST projects myself, I am not sure I would ever want to do a serious one with just native tools again.