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Enterprise Vault Reports

Level 6

I've been asked if the following reports could be created for EV - 

  1. The amount of emails captured via journaling for a specific journal target mailbox during a specific time-frame. I know there is a canned report that will show emails captured over a specific month but they are looking for something more granular.
  2. A report that shows how many times a specific hotword comes up in a scheduled search. 

Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. 


Level 6
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I take it you have multiple mailboxes going to the same archive correct? 
and for the scheduled search are you talking about DA? Does the search contain multiple words/phrases that they're searching against and they just want to single out that specific word? and is it that they just want it to be like "insider trading" was found in 200 email or do they want it to be like

Message #1: 5 times
Message #2: 1 time
Message #3: 4 times


Level 6

We only do journaling and all items captured go to the same archive

The scheduled searches are in CA. They are nightly searches that use a global hotword set.

Your "insider trading" scenario is what we're after. 

Level 6

Bumping this thread to see if anyone has any ideas...

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archivng rate, several solution sexist in forum, this for one:

As for how many times a word shows up in CA, no idea sorry...

Regards. Gertjan

Level 6

Thanks for sharing the tips here Gertjan !