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Enterprise Vault Resource Forest - One Way Trust


I have a client that cannot upgrade Forest Functional Level for now, they have exchange 2010 and Enterprise Vault 11. Support for Exchange 2010 is almost ended, we are studying the possibility to use a Resource Forest, to upgrade exchange. The exchange scenario is already define, now we going to plan what to do Enterprise Vault. The client told us, their domain aren't trusting any other.

We can't create a 2 way trust. My question is:

Is possible with a domain (User) and resource forest (Mailbox) with one-way trust (Resource Forest trust user domain), archive mailbox with Enterprise Vault?

What we are working (our lab):

DomainA (Client Domain)

  • User Account
  • Exchange 2010 (To be discommission)
  • Enterprise Vault Server 11.0.1CHF5 (To be upgraded 12.3)
  • All Enterprise Vault Account
    • Vault Service Account
    • EV System Account
    • etc

DomainB (Resouce Forest)

  • Exchange Server 2019
  • Linked Mailbox
  • One Way trust (Trust DomainA)

We can more Enterprise Vault to Resource Forest if is need. We only found documentation support two-way trust except  (Scenario 2Smiley Happy.

Thanks in advance to all