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Enterprise Vault Suddenly Stops Working

We just migrated from Windows 2008 EV9 to Windows 2012 EV10. Everything was working fine for several weeks. Suddenly, we are getting calls that users cannot retrieved archived emails. We resolve this by either restarting the EVault Admin Service or rebooting the server. No EV services are actually stopped before we restart the services. I do not see any errors in the event logs, or at least anything that looks suspicous. Im suspicous this is happening after weekend Netbackup backups however I haven't been able to confirm this yet. But I do see in the event logs where backupmode starts and stops. Does anyone have past experience with this kind of issue?    

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hard to say for sure but next

hard to say for sure but next time it comes up you could enable client side logging and check to see what the error is before doing anything to the services. 

I've seen something similar

I've seen something similar with regards to StorageOnlineOpns. Next time it happens, try stopping the storage service only and check Task Manager to see if there are any StorageOnline* processes still running. If so, try killing these manually.

If the issue is the same as I think, the handling of StorageOnline is improved with 10.0.4 CHF3.

I hope this helps.


Thanks to all, I will follow

Thanks to all, I will follow up.

Well its been a week nearly

Well its been a week nearly and this has not happened again.

Issue still occurs. Don't see

Issue still occurs. Don't see any noticable event logs to explain this. The first warning event we see after EV stops working is when we try to retreive an archived email:


Unable to fetch item from "".

Reason: Access is denied. (0x80070005)

Saveset Id: 201412168757839~201412161720090000~Z~C150240798A127E4E4FFB9D83BF40BE1

Archive Name: Miller, Todd

Archive Folder Path: ?Inbox

Reference: [GOAFS]