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Enterprise Vault Sytem mailboxes and Archiving Tasks

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Hi Team, 

We are doing a POC at our customer.Exchange environment of customer is comprised of 4 mailbox server in a DAG. 

mbx1, mbx2, mbx3, mbx4. The databases has been mounted only on two servers (mbx1 and mbx3).

We have create archiving on these two nodes but it is not possible to create tasks on the others.

So How can I doing fo create task on the remaining servers.




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you have to move/mount the databases to the other servers in order to create the tasks

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Hi Bigenthy,

Take a look at this technote:

Using Exchange Server database availability groups

To ensure that the mailboxes you enable for archiving are always available to Enterprise Vault, you must set up archiving for all the DAG member servers. You must also target all the DAG member servers within one Enterprise Vault site.

To set up Exchange mailbox archiving for a DR-only server

  1. Fail over an active database to the DR-only server. This must be a database that contains an Enterprise Vault system mailbox.
  2. Add the DR-only server as an Exchange mailbox archiving target.
  3. Add an Exchange mailbox archiving task for the DR-only server.
  4. Fail back the database to the original host server.

When all DAG member servers are set up for archiving, database and server failovers do not interrupt mailbox archiving.

I hope this helps.