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Enterprise Vault Timeout in Outlook 2013

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Good morning,

I have what I hope is a quick question.   I have a handful of users who when searching Enterprise Vault within Outlook 2013 they recieve the following error as soon as they select any folder withing Enterprise Vault.  "Your session has expired due to an extended period of inactivity"  There are articles regarding this issue if accessing the Vault through IE.  We access it directly within Outlook 2013.   Has anyone experienced this and if so what was the solution?

Thanks in advance for you help!


Rich Lake




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I assume you are talking about this article for EV Search in IE.

When you browse to a website in Outlook (such as EV Search), it uses a built-in instance of Internet Explorer as its browser. (You can verify this by visiting from within Outlook.) If I recall correctly, this instance does not necessarily report as the same version of IE as is installed on the machine, but it does share the configuration in Internet Options.

So articles that apply to EV Search in IE usually apply to EV Search from within Outlook as well.



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Hi folks,

Faced similar issue and fixed it by adding the EV server alias to the Trusted sites in IE. Give it a try.


Thats right. That also helped by a few costumers. But its the FQDN from ev alias i guess.