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Enterprise Vault Training

Got Training??
Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for Symantec Enterprise Vault.
It’s all designed to help you manage IT risk and operate with confidence in a connected world.
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So are you saying that the

So are you saying that the training for EV 8.0 DA 8.0 and CA 8.0 is now available

posted before

And if available, when will they be available in Europe?

Regards. Gertjan

When will the EV8

When will the EV8 certifications be available.

I'm a certified EV engineer but the certificatiion is only valid for 12 months

So are you saying that the

So are you saying that the training for EV 8.0 DA 8.0 and CA 8.0 is now available

Liam Finn

In North America, the EV 8.0 Administration training course has been released to production and is ready. We offer this course in the classroom or on our Virtual Academy. The other two courses you mention above are still in development.

Hope this helps!

And if available, when will

And if available, when will they be available in Europe?


Good site:

The Symantec EMEA team would be best equipped to answer this question. Check their public training course schedule at this web site link:


If you have questions or need further assistance, contact that team at:

44 (0) 118 918 8391 or send an email to



EV 8 Certifications

Hi Liam,

The EV 8 certification exam will be available in beta from April 29th - May 28th, with live release scheduled for mid July.
If you would like to be notified when this (or any other) exam becomes available, please send an email to .


What about the certification

What about the certification of EV 8.0 because the EV 7.x version was released only months before  EV 8.0 was released.

Will it be the same with EV 8.0.. Will we always be taking our test just before the next version (Casablanka) is release so we will always be certified a version behind the current release?

To me this is a farce because the product is available almost 12 months before any test is released which means if you upgrade you are not certified to manage the system and unable to get certification for 6 - 12 months after the release.

I think if you are taking so long to release the certification you should offer upgrade exams which concentrate on the new features rather than making the already certified people go through the thing again because as we know the application is not completly redesigned each time just modified and new features added.

What about the certification

This particular exam is being released pretty quickly after the last version which is not typical of our program.  We only create exams to cover the major product releases and normally have a large gap between exam versions.  

Your point about the upgrade exams is definitely valid.  We have discussed upgrade exams in the past and will continue to consider the possibility of offering them in the future. 

I have sent you the email In

I have sent you the email

In my opinion and I believe other already certified EV engineers would agree that upgrade exams would be in high demand.

And ok I may be out of line when saying this but does demand not drive supply?

If that is true then I think you need to poll all the people who got certified last year on EV 7 and ask the people who will be the ones requiring the upgrade which they would be more inclined to do, an upgrade or sit through the complete exam again I think you will find everyone who has already taken the certification for the last version would prefer an upgrade option

In saying that to be true it would seem the demand is there so why is the supply being considered and not seen as a requirement.

Global Company?

And if available, when will they be available in Europe?

Hello Bob,

For a global company, I am not impressed with the answer. I assume that your customer base of EV is spread around the world. I know for a fact that you have some large customers in Europe, and hope you as a training co-ordinator would announce training worldwide. I'll contact the EMEA training dept, to see what they can offer. I personally think that if Symantec offers a major new release, it should also offer the required training. Worldwide....



Regards. Gertjan

Well, it's better than

Well, it's better than that. The EV7 exam was released *very* shortly before EV8 got released... We all wondered then why you didn't just create an EV8 exam. I hope that there will be an upgrade exam, too. Cheers Michel

Quadrotech - EV Migration and Office 365 Solutions, creators of Archive Shuttle.

Trainings in UK at the moment.

I had a reply from Education in the UK:

There are 2 interesting trainings:

Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 Differences
2-day course, 1050 GBP, first = 7-8 may 2009, 2nd = 8-9 July
in Reading
Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.x for Exchange: Administration
5 day course 2625 GBP, each month, Reading, London, Harrogate, (Virtual Academy (whatever)

Regards. Gertjan

As you see from some of the

As you see from some of the non Symantec contributers to this forum who are extensive EV users and extensive contributers, they have the demand for an upgrade exam.

This confirms that the demand is there for the upgrade.
I think it is time for Symantec to do more than consider offering the upgrade and actually put one on offer in the comming months as they need to meet the demand

For those interested in APJ

In line with the comment above, if you are interested in training in APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan), see the schedules listed here:

I see there has been no

I see there has been no further responce from the Education section.

I think Symantec needs to offer the upgrade. They already are working on the plans for the full exam. Just pull out the parts that only apply to the new version and build a seperate exam for that. How hard can it be 

Upgrade Exams

Hi Liam,

Thank you for your input on the upgrade exams.  We do value your comments and we do take them into consideration when planning our exam offerings.

Unfortunately, planning and developing exams takes time.  I encourage you to remain supportive of our new Certification program (which is only 1 year old) as we continue to develop and improve it.


I'm all on board to support

I'm all on board to support the Symantec Education on the EV product, that is why I did the Beta exam last fall when it was announced.

I'm even consider doing the EV 8 Beta when it becomes available but since each product version lifetime is only 18 months on EV I strongly believe that not only are upgrade exams are a requirement but I also believe that releasing an exam to beta when there is only 12 months left in the release version is too slow.

I'm not saying that the Symantec Educational group are not doing their job, I'm saying that because of the product version releases shelf life is so short that for Symantec to wait until after release to develope the educational requirements is unfair to the user community

In my view the educational requirements should be developed inline with release so shortly after product release (1 month) the training classes should be available along with certification. 

As an example, when a company like Microsoft release a product it has a 5 year shelf life. Their exams and training are released very shortly after product and in some cases at the same time of product release.

If the release of the product and education were in line then at least the certification would be valid for the 18 months the product is in it's current version. At the moment we, the admins, are playing catch up all the time. This is unfair to the system admins who need to maintain certification.

The one way to make it a little more even on the admins is to offer them the upgrade path. At least that way they wont view it as starting all over again it will be seen as a brush up on the new features.

A lot of time goes into getting prepaired for these certifications and at present no sooner do you complete the process you need to start all over again.