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Enterprise Vault Virtual Vault empty

Level 2

I have setup a new Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 server with Exchange 2013 archiving for a proof of concept. The mailbox policy is set to delete the original after archiving and not create a shortcut.

Using a Windows 8.1 client with Outlook 2013 and the 11.0.1 Outlook Add-In I can see archived mail disappear from the mailbox and can see it in the 'Search Vaults' web interface. I have a vault displaying in Outlook but it does not contain any visible items, just the Inbox and Sent Items folders.

I have tried to manually sync the vault, waited 24 hours and even tried the OVMDCSyncFrequencyInSecs registry key to try and force it but after 2 days I still don't see any items.​

The Vault Cache is synchronising and shows it has items. Virtual Vault configuration shows:



Status        Enabled

EVMSP32.dll is in environment path        

MAPISVC.INF location        C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SYSTEM\MSMAPI\1033\MAPISVC.INF

EVMSP configuration in MAPISVC.INF        OK


Is there a configuration item I need to set to populate the Virtual Vault? Or a way to force it to make items visible?





Level 5

You're not using any registry entries limiting the use of PST's are you? If you do, then you'll need to set some other values to allow Virtual Vault to work correctly.

Level 2

Hi Philip.

No registry keys preventing PST creation. I can add a new PST and copy mail into it. I can also copy mail into the Virtual Vault and after a sync it shows in the web view, but nothing else is visible in the Virtual Vault in Outlook.

I setup a second client with the same user and mailbox and it cannot see any mail in the Virtual Vault, but the sync shows items are in the vault.



Level 4

Hey Marc,

What about Archive Explorer? Do we see anything in there? That should give us an idea of what the Vault looks like. If we do not see anything in Archive Explorer or we are seeing skewed items, may be we have something wrong there.


Sheldon Dsouza

Level 2

I am using EV 11 so don't have the Archive Explorer option, only 'Search Vaults'. If I click that I get the 'Enterprise Vault Search' pane and can see all of the archived mail in a tree view similar to OWA. So as far as I can tell it is in the archive and is being synced with Vault Cache, it just isn't visible in the Virtual Vault.



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i know it's not the path you're going down but have you considered using the IMAP feature at all? just trying to understand why it doesn't seem to be more widely adopted over the legacy options.