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Enterprise Vault - Your Search Request Failed

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Hi All, 

We are having the exact same issue discribed This is the exact issue we having as well

Hope someone can assist

Currently having a very strange issue, At random when user clicks on Enterprise Vault Search with in outlook get an error "Your Search request failed. Wait and try again. If the problem presists, contact your Enterprise Vault Administrator" But at the same time if I use the Web browser it works fine. Even if I restart the services the Outlook Client error does not resolve. But after about 30 mins it starts working.

Our Environment. 

Exchange 2010 SP3, MBX on DAG

Outlook 2016 x86 EV Version

EV server is on Windows 2012R2, 2X servers one purely for Indexing


Have checked EV logs during the issues but not able to find any errors. Logged support calls but they are unable to identify and have tried chaning IIS settings which has not helped. 

Have tried DTrace with support but they are not able to pin point any errors

When tried on Fiddler logs get a resonse 400, 


This is the exact issue we having as well


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Is this pattern applicable to all the users?

Can you confirm the default web browser is set to Internet Explorer?




Thanks heaps for you're response,

So far we could tell is all users. (From the reports we had)

We set IE as the default but some users do have EDGE and Chrome set as default as well. 


Since you've spoken with Tech Support, some of our questions could be redundant.

When you say that the issue is not seen in the web browser, are you trying to access the same user's archive on the same computer? (may be a naive question).

Have you tried to change this setting in the policy and see if there's any difference? 

Desktop_Policy_Search Behaviour.PNG


Sheldon Dsouza


Thank you for your response,

As a work around we did try this and it seems to work but seems our users want the option within Outlook :(

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could you see any errors or warnings within the eventlog of Enterprise Vault ( on the EV server)?


Thanks for your response,

We did provide Wireshark, Fiddler, IIS, DTRACE logs and they could not find anything obvious, Although we we getting response 400 for http requests in Fiddler. They have advised us to upgrade the servers to 12.4 which is going to be a big task. 

Did you try another outlook on the Server? I am pretty sure Outlook 2016 is not supported with Exchange 2010 if you use Enterprise Vault.
Try Outlook 2013 SP1 32Bit no click to run installer.


Thanks for your response,

Sorry for not provinding the details prior, 

Our server are 2012R2 with Office 2013 the client machines are running Outlook 2016


Guess, sometimes workarounds are simply not enough. Smiley Happy

When you changed the policy, you say you haven't observed the issue. What's the frequency of the issue? Every week, every two weeks? Have you kept the policy for that time frame to confirm that there hasn't been a single problem in that timeframe? have you tried using an older but supported version of Outlook?

In any case, I understand from the post that all the users seem to complain about this issue. Since it is intermittent, there's a threshold being reached which causes it to break. When it breaks for one user, do other users simultaneously complain or is it just that user in that time frame?

Sheldon Dsouza

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Hello @s_niro 

You may want to check this post again and see if the solution works for you as well.


Sheldon Dsouza


Thanks for your response, I will check it out and post back the results.