Enterprise Vault and SQL Transfer to new company location...

Hey Guys,

i have upgraded our Enterprise Vault Environment from V9 over V10 to 11.0.1 CHF5, but now we have the challenge to migrate the full data with ev & sql data to a new company location - a few hundred kilometers away / same domain.

On the old Environment, we are running OS2008 R2 and we would really like to upgrade this to 2012R2 - reading the guides we find out, that there are no problems to do this. A few Upgrades ago, we used the follow steps (short explain) to migrate:

Step 1. Prepare new System for SQL and EV, PreSetup OS, SQL, Deployment Scanner.
Step 2. Installation Enterprise Vault – Same Version as the source.
Step 3. Installation SQL.
Step 4. Set Read Only Mode on EV and Transfer EV Data & SQL to the new Server.
Step 5. Test the Environment and go Online. With Same Servername, if different SQL Script.
Step 6. Future Set: Inplace Upgrade to EV12.

Short Node, not the full migration guide…

I have now read the following guideline:

Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizards

How to move the Enterprise Vault SQL databases

If I understand the Settings Migration Wizard process right, a migration would be easier as before, why we can upgrade to V.12 in one Step directly - is this right and we can leave the current environment “online” in read only mode, where the data export and import needs a little bit more time to success?

Is there anyone, who have done this and can give me a “hand on tip” to proceed?

Regards WW