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Enterprise Vault archived document retrieval not working.

Level 0

Enterprise Vault archived document retrieval not working. This is for file share archives not mail.

When we attempt to retrieve the document via the placeholder (from a client computer where Windows Explorer is mapped to the share), a temp file is created, it grows then after about 1 minute it is deleted. The process starts again until we navigate to another folder in WinExplorer. We have multiple shares on mutiple servers serviced by EV in this environment, but one particular server has 2 archived shares. On this 1 server, neither shares can be used to retreive the archived docs. But using the EV App Server, the documents can be "pushed" to the original location using EV Explorer...

Appreciate any troubleshooting advice you can offer... Thanks


Level 3

I recommend opening a support ticket, you would need to get a Dtrace of the EvPlaceholderService and W3WP on the fileserver then reproduce the issue.  Then take a look at the log to see why it is failing.  You say that you can push the items so we know that the item itself from storage is valid.  

It could be the placeholders are corrupt, you might have to recreate the placeholder using FSAUtility  But without actually looking at the log to see what's going on it's hard to tell.