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Enterprise Vault complete removal from user machine Outlook 2016

Level 2


Does anyone has tried removing Enterprise Vault via commands mentioned below provide in a article (original link)? I am able to remove the Vault client software and cache & registry vault with below script but Vault folder "Vault - USER NAME" is still visible in outlook 2016 folder panel.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Vault client version is  (x64bit) and for 32bit some users we have (

 rmdir /Q /S "%userprofile%\appdata\Local\KVS\Enterprise Vault"

 REG Delete "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault" /f





Level 4

Hi Waqas-AM,

   I don't know a whole lot about scripting, and most of my work with the add-in installations revolves around pushing them out, but here are a few points:


-Your script seems to remove the registry key and the cache folder, but not remove the add-in folder.  That does still beg the question of how the header cache is being mounted as a pst in Outlook; that I'm unsure of.  But either way, the add-in could still get loaded by Outlook in that regard.

-After you run the script and then launch Outlook, does the path for that EV Vault Cache now exist again?

-Why use that method, rather than some kind of GPO that just blocks the EV add-in all together? I'm sure there's a good reason, I'm just wondering what benefit you get from doing it this way.  If the add-in was not loaded, nothing would attempt to load that header cache file.

-I'm wondering if it's possible that machine had multiple Vault Cache instances existing, or if maybe somehow there's a .mdc file remaining, while all the .db files could be gone.  The .mdc is the header cache, and is the only one that would have "Vault" in the title if mounted as a pst. 


Anyway sorry it's not an exact answer, but the only thing I could tell you for sure is that it's not uninstalling our add-in, so something is still holding on to those Vault Cache files. Hope this helps at least a little. 



Hi Daveflave,

Thanks for your feedback.

Well, the script remove cache folder and registry and other script uninstall the add-in from control panel which mean all Enterprise Vault directories are gone.

When try to expand the folder in Outlook, it gives this error.


The idea is to do clearning as well, unistallation of software, clear cache (as we move users to Online Archive) and registry value. Plug-in does not exist in outlook add-ins windows.

I will search for something to disable Add-in, but still to clear user profile is needed, not to keep unnecessary files in user profile.



Level 6

This happens because the Virtual Vault is still registered as a service in the Outlook profile. You can see this if you open the user's MAPISVC.inf file (default location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\VFS\ProgramFilesCommonX64\SYSTEM\MSMAPI\1033\MAPISVC.INF). The EVMSP service is Virtual Vault.

For a single user, the easiest way to remove it is just to right-click on the Vault - UserName entry in the Outlook Navigation Pane and choose Close.

For a large number of users, you can run the attached program as part of your removal script. See the included VirtualVaultRemove_ReadMe.txt for details.




Is the source code available for the Virtual Vault Removal.exe?

We are running into user experience issues, as it wont run silently.


Sorry, I checked with the suits and I'm not allowed to release the source code.